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raves: UDPP & MAC eyebase

finally, here's my review on Urban Decay Primer Potion. :) but of course i can't use this without my MAC painpot in Painterly or my favorite MAC shadesstick in Beige-ing. :)

I'm not great on reviews but notice how visible my eyeshadows are. I didn't foil them by the way. i'm soooo impressed with how my eyeshadow turned out and stayed today.

why? reasons...

1) it lasted all day long!
2) it was so freakin' hot i thought it would melt away like before.
3) i went to Quiapo to buy stuff, i don't have to tell you the walking i did under the heat. no retouching or anything and yet it stayed put and didn't even crease. and i didn't bring an umbrella or wore shades.
4) i didn't stay in an airconditioned room during the day except inside the LRT or FX.

so, if we are talking about roadtesting these great eye base and primers, i totally did it. :)
and loved the results. :)

i'm giving it 5 kikay points.

first pic: before going to school, second pic: i'm home na!

around 2pm

around 10pm (excuse the e/b and oily skin. :) )


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