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Kim Komando happy Home Depot and Loews goes so low to humiliate workers with exoskeleton

Larry Frost
 Kim Komando is a nut on the radio proud to see technology spread and surfacing to all leels of society as she is the number one media promoter of odd technology. kim got wet and excited on a recent radio and her video podcast talking about the idea of human cyborg coing closer and to a lumber yard big box boring store near you as the three major home stores are experimenting with forcing their employees to wear some odd techno-crazy objects in order to get the researchers work and high-paying gigs for fathoming these stupid creations.in a lab.
Kim was proud that low-wage workers will have a exoskeleton as part of the uniform for those who labor hard and pull things off of the shelf masquerading the idea that this will make their jobs easier and to lift things. Kim Komando also likes the idea that this device that will be attached to these workers essentially making them temporary cyborgs will also measure brain waves as well somehow. Kim Komando loves

 this idea as it gives the commanders,bosses,managers,leads, and others to monitor and measure how happy and beaten down e Home Depot, Menards, and Lowly Lowe's employees are to the system. I bet Kim Komando would not figure the exoskeleton would be a good idea for work if she had to put one over her dress for eight fucking hours all day as she prepares her hard job talking nonsense and electronic gadgets or humiliating job-tech wear fro those on the bottom of the economic workplace ladder. Kim Komando is a dirty komodo dragon for praising this item and the silliness and stupidity which will be felt by the men forced to wear this item at work in these stores which does little to ease the job and will monitor their brains and thoughts which is just bizarre,eccentric, and neurotic.

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