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Klye Kulinski angered by President Trump's reclassification of North Korea as a terrorist state

Money Speak
Tony Miselli
   Massive new sanctions will hurt the North Korean regime and this along with the reclassification of North Korea as a state sponsored terrorism has gotten to the retlean skin of Kyle Kulinski. Kulinski says North Korea is so poor that this classification of North Korea as a terrorist state is fake news form upon the part of Trump. Kyle Kulinski has no idea how poor or wealthy this state has and much business is conducted between Chin and North Korea and this money is going somewhere most often towards weapons and missile development programs in te country that North Korea has been so successfully mused by the North Korean state to extort ...money. Hello. One has to wonder how at such a young age Kyle Kulinski's brain has become like butter if he thinks North Korean leadership and state is totally poor and how does one develop a complex missile technological base being of the extreme poverty the North Korean state is according to this jackass.
Kyle Kulinski went on to call the US program of drones and are whole US policy is assassination that somehow because we kill actual terrorists and those plotting to spread chaos and destruction on a daily basis as seen in Egypt is is somehow related to American war on terrorism. Kyle Kulinski is an apologist and fan of Kim Jung Un and knows nothing of money generated by this state sponser of terrorist state that has always been the terror network of North Korea. Mr Kuko nuts says that these sanctions do not hurt Kim Jung Un and only hurts the people of North Korea as if somehow just having great free leadership choice and having Kim Jung Un and his late father all of these decades wasn't hurtful to the North Korean people.

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