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Live like Fred and Wilma: Flintstones-style homes built out of caves could be yours for $3.5million

By Nina Golgowski

On the hunt for a real man cave?

Residents of these two seaside retreats will no doubt live like a modern-day Fred and Wilma in easily recognizable Flintstone-style homes - it'll just cost more than a few bags of bones to get it.

Situated on 22 acres directly above the Malibu coast, the first one-bedroom home listed at $3.5 million has more pop-culture credibility than meets the eye - it is the former home of great radio and TV host Dick Clark, who died in April this year.

Living with nature: Overlooking the cost while situated on 22 acres of land, floor-to-ceiling windows keep its residents constantly in check with nature whether they're outdoors or in

Cutting corners: The home appears to have no straight right angles with even the floor swooping up in places to meet the wall

With an organic, tan-coloured facade inside and out, the unique, all-rounded design supplies an absolute feel of living in a kind of heavenly cave.

Inside, rounded floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the rolling ocean waves below while vaulted ceilings tower above in their own rippling texture.

Modern-day price: Situated on 22 acres directly above Malibu, California's coast, the one bedroom home is listed at $3.5 million

Prehistoric: The home is reminiscent of 1960s caveman cartoon The Flintstones

Former inhabitant: The house used to be owned by legendary TV host Dick Clark

Even in the kitchen, where round windows give ample views of the cliffs and surrounding plants, the cabinets and drawers are hardly straight with an appearance of having been chiselled out by hand.

The home has been on the market since March, the month before Mr Clark’s death.

Other option: Just yards from the crashing ocean waves in Carmel, California, this five bedroom, four bath Seashell House is on the market for $3 million

View: Looking down at the living room's view, the home boasts astonishing views of the waves crashing along the shore

But if the caveman style is a little too outside your character, the Seashell House in Carmel, California may be more your fancy.

Directly on the coast, literally seen just yards from the rocky shoreline, this five bedroom, four bath home resembling a modern-day conch shell is listed for $3million.

Similar to the Malibu home, there is hardly a right angle to be seen, though the floors appear far sharper in their crooks, in addition to the stairways.

Said to have been inspired by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the home has been on market for six months with the seller said to be strict on his or her asking price.

Character: With its twists and rounded edges the home gives its residents the feel of living directly inside a shell

Inspiration: Seen from outside, the home's walls and rooftop show some Pablo Indian resemblance as well, though is said to be inspired by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright

Market watch: With one of its bedrooms seen, influenced by much more modern-day designs, the home has has been on market for six months with the seller said to be strict on his or her asking price


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