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New Brushes

There is nothing like buying new brushes. The feel of new brushes are amazing, they are always super soft and they apply make up like nothing else. I have been addicted to buying new brushes since i first started buying them in my second year of university when i first heard about Real Techniques. However my brush collection has grown since then and now i have a whole mug full of brushes. Some of the early brushes i bought have started to look tatty so i wanted to replace them for better brushes so here are some of the brushes i bought and what i have been using them for.

To start with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is starting to look a little bit rough as i have had it for over a year and i use it every day so i wanted to treat myself to a new brush to replace it so i got a Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush. Lily Pebbles and Viviannadoesmakeup always talk about this brush so i wanted to try it, i had been to the Bobbi Brown counter a few times to check it out and i have slowly convinced myself to buy it because at £30 it is 3x as much as the Real Techniques brush. I have been using it and it applies foundation so easily and it blends it very quickly whilst leaving a very natural finish. It is so much softer than the Real Techniques brush and any other brush that i have ever owned. 

Continuing with the theme of face brushes, i bought the Real Techniques Sculpting Set. It seemed necessary to buy some Real Techniques because they are definitely worth the money. They are pretty cheap compared to some brushes and the quality of them is amazing. I wanted the Sculpting Set ever since it came out because the Fan Brush looked so pretty. The set was on offer in Superdrug for £13.99 so i knew i had to buy it. I already had the Setting Brush which amazing and one of my favourite brushes but my original setting brush is around a year old so i am glad to replace it. The other brush is a Sculpting Brush, i have been using it almost every day. I mostly use it for contour because it is the perfect shade for really defining the hollow of your cheeks and i like to use it for blush because it is the perfect size for my cheek bones. I was also feeling super lazy so i did use it for my foundation and as it is quite a dense brush so it does blend amazingly well so it is a good multi-task brush. The most disappointing brush is actually the Fan Brush, it looks a lot better than it actually is and it has a very similar purpose to the setting brush so i only really use it for highlight. 

The final brushes are both from MAC, i already have a 217 blending brush and it is bloody amazing!! I had to buy another because i use this brush everyday and i am super lazy with cleaning so i wanted another one. This brush makes you seem like you can apply eye shadow when in actual fact you have no idea. I literally have no idea how to apply eye shadow but when i use this brush, it makes it look better and sometimes i even get complements on it. If you are a novice to eye shadows and blending them you need one of these brushes. 

The other one is a MAC 208 Angled Brow Brush which i have been using to fill in my brows. I have never been that big on my brows, i've filled them in but i've never really cared up until last week when i had my brows done for the first time ever. Ever since i have wanted my brows to look that good everyday so i thought i would invest in a brush so that i could fill in my brows more carefully as using a powder is my favourite way to do my brows for a more natural look. I also quite like the idea of using this brush for eye liner so i will probably end up buying a new one for that.

New brushes are always going to be expensive and your bank balance is definitely going to feel sad but it is also going to make your face look so much better. People always say whats the point of having nice make up if you don't have the right tools to apply it and i agree with this statement. 

SophaaRambles xx

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