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Skin79 BB Cleanser

Hello everyone,

nowadays it seems like we are using BB Cream more and more. It's not just the fact that they are so easy to use, but they are multitask as the base of our makeup that gives the skin sun protection, correcting the skin tone, covers imperfection and some even have more benefits like skincare do. From anti aging, hydrating, acne care, whitening, and many many more. Skin79 is one of the brand that provide those BB Creams with many variation, type and finish.

As wonderful as they are, there is a bit of an issue, in cleaning them up. Some people complains that certain types of BB Creams promote acne and other skin's problem including allergic reaction, redness, itchy and many more which occur after usage. What really happen is probably due to the fact of not cleaning them properly after use.

BB Creams wont come off with just a normal facial wash, it need something more, from high quality cleansing oil to double cleansing product. And Skin79 made it easy by providing a BB Cleanser, a BB Cream remover in a go.


Forget about double cleansing, this BB Cleanser do the jobs in one simple step. Please do read all the details provided on the cute pinky packaging.


Some people complains that they don't have enough time to wash up at the end of the day due to exhaustion, moreover doing a double cleansing, BB Cream is so easy to be used and fun too. No more mess like using a cleansing milk and it's abundant waste of cotton pad, no excessive dryness due to multiple rubbing, with BB Cleanser from Skin79, just apply evenly on the skin, wait a bit, massage gently and rinse everything off.


Above is the list of ingredients, they put a lot of great stuffs in there, but unfortunately there's still paraben and ALS.


Read the direction carefully and below, please do witness how it cleanse my skin from CC Creams. Yes, this product can be used to clean just about any makeup, from BB Cream, CC Cream, thick foundation, and all other makeup base as well.


1. I put in on a skin where there's a thick CC Cream applied.
2. Spread the BB Cleanser well and immediately it will create some bubbles.
3. The bubbles are fully developed in 1-2 minutes.
4. After massaging the skin gently and rinse it off, the skin appears so clean and soft to the touch.

On facial skin, the bubbles is comfortable and pleasant. There's no need to put any force during massaging, just a gentle massage will do. Then when rinsing, everything comes off easily. When finished, the skin feels so clean and it seems like they really do deep cleansing and removing dead skin cells.


*Don't forget to apply the BB Cleanser on a dry skin.
*Rinse of with warm water to around normal room temperature, don't use hot water as it will make your skin dry, and don't use cold water as warm water dissolve the makeup and residue better.
*Apply skincare after cleansing to keep the skin hydrated and since the BB Cleanser cleans the skin well, nourishment from skincare can penetrate better.

BB Cleanser (100 ml)
IDR 258.000

Thank you Skin79 Indonesia for the product. 

This item is available at Metro (Taman Anggrek, Gandaria City, and Ciputra World Surabaya) and all Guardian & Watson in Jakarta

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