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Small Haul - Sunprotection

Just a small haul featuring mostly sunscreen and other sun protection items. I bought a small size bottle of SunDance sun protection cream SPF 30 for sensitive skin, which I'm currently using for my face. It's quite a greasy sunscreen, so I have to powder at least my T-zone to avoid looking like a disco ball. It's also handy to carry it in your bag in case you need to reapply it. 

Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Spray Oil SPF 20 smells exactly like pina colada. It smells like coconut and pineapple, just very sweet (I have a feeling I'll get sick of the scent eventually). It's a dry oil, which means it doesn't leave your skin (too) greasy, but it leaves your skin kind of shinny (I quite like that). The spray bottle is quite handy, the nozzle sprays a nice mist and it doesn't drip. Btw the price of it is currently reduced in DM (around 10 € instead of 13 €)

I'm not too satisfied with the CadeaVera lip balm SPF20. I was very happy with it right after application. It's nicely soft, smells a bit like vanilla and leaves just a little bit of a white cast (but nothing compared to Sprite LipSmacker). However, and there is a big however, after a while you get that weird yucky plasticky taste in you mouth. I really don't like that. Plus after an hour my lips looked so chapped like I just crossed the Sahara. Oh, well. At least it was under a 1 €.

The last thing is the Ando Vandini travel size creme shower with macadamia and vanilla, which I have yet to try.

Thanks for reading!

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