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The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadows Singles

I hate to say that I like something from The Body Shop (TBS), but yes, I do like these new Colour Crush Eyeshadow Singles by them.

I like them enough to pick up three the first time I touched them, and then go back again to pick another seven.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadows Singles

Available: The Body Shop outlets, $19.90. I got mine at Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

Volume: 1.5 g.

Star Properties: Juicy colours.

There are pros and cons to the packaging. The pros are that the packaging is completely transparent, very compact, and has the details (name and ingredients) pasted on the back. I am madly in love with the transparency of this as it means I don't have to open them up to see what colours they are, unlike those black colours Chanel and Lancome ones that I own.

The con is that this comes individually, and are not meant to be dug out. In other words, you can't combine these eyeshadows onto a single empty palette of your own. This frustrates me a lot because I find it very hard to store single eyeshadows as they are so small and fly all over the place, and also because I prefer seeing what colours I have all at one go.

Currently, I feel that the best way to go about storing and using these are to leave them on my dressing table. They make my dressing table look very messy, but that is the only way I get to see the colours, and also get to use them without having to look for tiny round cases!

What the package looks like on the back. These are my first three colours. Subsequently, I bought seven more.
If you look closely at the labels in the photo above, you will find that they specified the nuances of the eyeshadows, you actually know exactly what tones the shadows are in.

Ingredients list below:

Ingredients. Pretty standard, with Talc and Mica being the top two.

And this is what they look like when opened up. I like that the cover goes all the way up, so it's easy to hold onto the eyeshadow by holding the cover.

Colours and Swatches
It's going to be colours galore next. So grab your drink and scroll down! =D

First up, Be My Clementine! I love this name because it is so creative. This one caught my eye the most because it is a true salmon eyeshadow. On the eyelid, it compliments my warm medium skin perfectly.

115 Be My Clementine. Tone: Coral coquin.

Second, this is Berry Cute. As the name goes, this shade of pink is one that gives that cute Japanese teenage girl look.

305 Berry Cute. Tone: Rose timide.

Third, this is Berry Cheeky. I find that Berry Cute and Berry Cheeky are very cliche names. Nothing special. I was so attracted to Berry Cheeky because it is that hot fuchsia that reminds me of one of NARS blushes and Tom Ford's Narcissa. This could be a close enough dupe. I bought it because I want to use it as a cheek colour, not eyeshadow.

310 Berry Cheeky. Tone: Fuchsia declaration.
I picked the rest of the colours because I thought I just might use it one of these days. They are pretty standard colours to have in one's kit.

Fourth that I own, is Sugar Gaze. This is my least favourite colour of date because it is way, way too cool toned for me. I strongly discourage anyone with warm skin to choose this, as it will look flat and highly frosted.

001 Sugar Gaze. Tone: Sucre Blanc.
Fifth, Golden Girl. Ooo, I just love the name. My favourite of the pack thus far, I like it even more than Be My Clementine. This is the perfect shade for highlighting brow bone and all over the lids daily if you have warm skin.

Compared to theBalm Mary-Loumanizer, this is much better for everyday use because it is less gold, more subtle, whereas Mary-Loumanizer is all out gold, super pigmented, and makes me look like I am going to a night party everyday. Both are good though, just that each has its own purpose.

101 Golden Girl. Tone: Coeur d'or <-- ask="" don="" french.="" i="" know="" me="" means.="" t="" t_t.="" td="" this="" what="">
Sixth one, Sand By Me. I like the name of this, but I almost never pick up this colour. I think I just find no use for matte mid-tone colours. I know matte mid-tone colours can be essential for some people, to blend out the harsh colour on the mobile lids, but I just don't find a need for these.

110 Sand By Me. Tone: Chou a la creme.
Seventh: Bronze Bliss. LOVE this! One of my favourites colours in my ten. I like to use this for the outer 1/3 of my mobile lids, and I also like to pat a bit of this along the crease to blend out any colour. This matches so well with any of the other 10 that I own. It even matches the green and turquoise! T'is a very versatile colour to have.

210 Bronze Bliss. Tone: Bronze Paradis.
Eighth, Coconuts About You. hahaha, this is a hilarious name. This is another matte mid-tone colour that again, is just not my favourite, simple because I have no use for matte mid-tone colours. Still, I bought it because you really never know when such matte colours will come in useful.

215 Coconuts About You. Tone: Cafe caprice. I guess that means this is a coffee colour.

Ninth, Something Blue. Argh, what a lack of creativity in the name. But anyhow, this is one of those highly fashionable colour nowadays. Nice for adding a pop of colour yet still look natural, fun, and almost sun-kissed. Turquoise and teals are one of my very favourites in the whole colour wheel.

510 Something Blue. Tone: Turquoise Sirene.
Tenth, but not least, is Sweet Pea. The name is so cute! It definitely looks more like an olive colour to me. This is a pretty colour for warm skin people. And it matches dark brown eyes very well, great for Asians.

605 Sweet Pea. Tone: Tilleul precieux. Another one that I don't understand.

Now for the swatches!

From left to right: 115 Be My Clementine, 305 Berry Cute, 310 Berry Cheeky.

From left to right: 605 Sweet Pea, 510 Something Blue, 215 Coconuts About You, 210 Bronze Bliss, 110 Sand By Me, 101 Golden Girl, and 001 Sugar Gaze.
Enlarged version.
From left to right: 605 Sweet Pea, 10 Something Blue, 215 Coconuts About You, 210 Bronze Bliss.
From left to right: 110 Sand By Me, 101 Golden Girl, and 001 Sugar Gaze.

Wearing it on my eyes:
I had Golden Girl (pale yellow gold) all over my mobile lids and on my lower lash line. The I placed Be My Clementine (salmon colour) on the center of my mobile lids, pushing it slightly into the crease (my socket line that is, because I have hooded eyes). Then I used Berry Cute (pale pink) all over my outer-V, pulling it ever so slightly beyond the outer 1/3 of my eye, so that I can blend it into the salmon colour. This part looks clearer in the second photo. Lastly, I used a dab, just a dab of Berry Cheeky (hot  fuchsia) in my outer-V, and blend that into the pale pink, to create that depth.

I love this combination! It's sweet yet pale enough for everyday work with a pop of colour!

Next up is my second favourite combination.

It does not looks like much at all when my eyes are opened. haha, because nowadays, I tend to tone down, and refrain from pulling colours all the way up, unlike what I do 3 years ago.

For the first photo, you see Sugar Gaze on the inner half of my lower lash line. That cool frosted white does have a slight pink-purple tone to it. I also have a bit of Golden Girl on the center of my lower lash line, followed by Sweet Pea (olive green) on the outermost of my lower lash line.

I don't normally put so many colours on the lower lash line. This was done just because I wanted to experiment with the colours. My main focus is actually the upper lid --> That's the combination I like.

On the upper lid, I first put Golden Girl all over my mobile lid, and pulled it well into my socket line, blending it out slightly above my socket line. Golden Girl is the colour you still see when my eyes are open. Then I put Sweet Pea on the outer 1/3 of the mobile lids and blend. I top up Sweet Pea with Something Blue (turquoise), and confined that colour to only the outermost corner of my mobile lids. I blended out these dark colours with a tiny bit of Sand By Me (matte creme), and tadaa, am done!

Alrighty! Enough about the colours. Time for some review of the quality!

I love the texture. What can I say? I took the plunge and bought because all of them felt so nice to me. They are soft and glide on easily on my finger, and also on my eyelids.

The pigmentation is just not as good as Urban Decay or Inglot. I find them pigmented enough for everyday wear because I don't like my work-makeup to be that strong, but I don't find them worth the $20 full price. At the most, I am only willing to pay about $10 - $15 for these. And $15 is pushing it already because the overall quality is only slightly better than drugstore, in my opinion. This explains why I bought during the Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

I will say that there are pros and cons to less pigmented shadows, because in all earnest, I will not wear Wet 'n' Wild or non-neutral Urban Decay to work. I find the Naked Palette also slightly too pigmented for work. But well, I guess that really depends on what work you are in! =P

Staying Power
Not impressive. They stay for only about 3-4 hours. After that, the colours just slowly fade off. After some 8 hours, you can only see the remnants of the colours.

This means that you will need a very good eyeshadow primer to only hold these eyeshadows throughout the work day, but also to help the colours pop.

My all-time favourite eyeshadow primer is still Urban Decay Primer Potion in original, but I find that the UDPP doesn't creates an even coloured canvas as well as some other products because it dries transparent. So currently, I love using M.A.C paintpot in Soft Ochre to create that evenly colour skin colour base. The paintpot helps the eyeshadows to not crease, and to stay as well!

Overall Colours
What I do enjoy about these Colour Crush Eyeshadows is that they have just the right amount of sparkle and glitter. The glitter is so fine that you don't see those large chunks, yet your eyes still look lifted. Unlike the Mary-Loumanizer, these eyeshadows don't sparkle so strongly that makes you look like going to a night party.

I also enjoy the colour range of this Colour Crush collection. I think the range is wide enough and the colours in general of soft, gentle, yet juicy, playful, young and fun!

The colour range is not considered big, but they do include the essentials, and are great for working adults.

Rating: 3.5/5.
I like them. But I don't find them worth $19.90. I think you can pick up a couple of colours if you run into their Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale. But I absolutely refuse to recommend these at the full price. Straight no. I have said before that Inglot eyeshadows are much more worthwhile, and I maintain that stand.

I will give a 4/5 if they lower the usual selling price to $15. And I will up it to 4.5/5 if they can improve the staying power up to 8 hours.

Have you bought any TBS Colour Crush Eyeshadow Singles? Which is your favourite colour? What is your opinion of them?

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