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trash review: Lancome renergie microlift eye R.A.R.E. superior lifting eye cream

A while ago I snuck into my moms skin care stash and found this eye cream. She didn't like it so I took the liberty of trying it out.

This is the best eye cream I have EVER used. I have tried many, many other brands including vichy, clinique, Neutrogena, even La Mer! - and I'm telling you, this is the one. It is so great that made it onto the #1 spot of my top 10 favorite products of 2010 list.

The reason I use an eye cream is to keep the undereye area moisturized of course, and hopefully 'plump out' any bags and dark circles from lack of sleep or those fine lines that really show when my skin is dehydrated.
Most eye creams don't do anything but irritate my eyes. They are usually the same as any other facial moisturizer, perhaps a little thicker.

Lancome Microlift eye does everything. It plumped up my under eye area, making those pesky fine lines totally disappear. It brightened underneath my eyes, and took away all signs of fatigue.
It literally took years off my eyes.

Here is an example of the result on my hand. In this photo here I have applied a swatch of the cream. Notice how you can see the little lines on my hand?
This photo is after blending the cream in and letting it sink in. All the lines on my hand are plumped out! My skin looks radiant and moisturized.

This stuff works!
Unfortunately, after I stopped using it all signs of fatigue and dehydrated skin came back. To see consistent results you need to continually use this product.

There is only one thing that I do not like about this cream and that is the packaging. I really dislike jar packaging because I'm a little bit OCD around germs. So I actually scoop some out with a spatula to use it. If only it came in a hygienic pump tube or something.

It's not always easy to find $80 to spend on an eye cream. In fact, I am hunting for something a little less expensive to use that delivers the way this does. So far I'm most happy with Philosophy Hope in a tube eye & lip firming cream. It costs $43 which is half that of Lancome and delivers excellent results as well. For now I'm content using hope in a tube, but when I have some extra money I would definitely consider getting some more Lancome renergie microlift.

repurchase? yes.

price: $78.50

rating: 5/5

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