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Grizzly gripes

A Grizzly Bear collaborator has responded to the negative NY Times review of the band I linked to here. To each their own, but I think Muhly goes too far with:

Now, I have major objections to the word “precious.” It tends to be borderline homophobic in its coded usage, first of all, but second of all, it’s a derogatory adjective with no alternative. It’s reviewspeak. What I mean is: if you say, “that’s ugly” somebody else can say, “no, it’s beautiful.” If you say, “it’s over-stuffed” somebody can say, “really, I thought it was pretty thin.” So the problem with a word like precious is that the scale of adjectives with “precious” on it belongs solely to the reviewer and is just a way of being mean. Case in point: this whole nonsense about Sufjan Stevens’s’s BQE Thing. Words like fey, twee, and precious have become these little nuggets of coded disdain, but they are really just useless self-congratulatory gestures on the part of the reviewer. What is the opposite of twee? Muscular? It all reminds me of the insane misogynist critiques of Jane Austen’s novels.

Calling a reviewer a homophobe as a rebuttal doesn't really cut it and there's a strange aversion to critical language here that I don't quite get. Muhly's music is a good deal more precious than his vocabulary.

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