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Left Shark Puppet eviscerates and delivers as ass whupping to Elon Musk after another rocket failure

 Joe Jupiter

      The famed Left Shark puppet is out funded puppet we fund and spread to various communities and puppet local  community shows where the foul mouth shark lasts inequality and society often going after all elites with a snaggletooth shark moth rage hitting at both wealthy plutocrats on the left and right. Ye puppet went off with Robby the Robot on Elon Musk's latest failure  was when his prototype exploded in a test flight and this man and his role as Space X needs to be explored as why anyone would want to get in a space ship this clown produces  is often speculated and Eon Musk and his  stupidity have totally brought down the space industry and it is is in total free fall ahhhhh much like a meteor .

Musk is continually allowed to abuse or economy and the scam through science make these ridiculous claims that man will be on mars or Uranus to feed his pocketbooks and allow him to have billionaire status in these pipe dreams that are best left to science fiction writers than wasting precious resources to waste in blast off and rocketry that accomplish nothing but good opportunities for artists to give their redenton of outer space and habitats that may or may not be there. There  is a very close relation and comparison to biblical fiction and stories to the ones of "science and the religion of t and space research and basically Elon Musk is no different than Pope Leo the 13th of the year 1001 Ad. All this jerk can acolls with Space X i to make the Boca Chick landscape look like Yemen and Syrian and scare alot of birds and wildlife. 
The Left Shark Puppet in one of his many rants against Tesla and Mr Musk circa 2015

 NASA and other US space jurisdiction needs to let someone else take control of the American space system instead of tie fake billionaire plutocratic bastard fro South Africa as Musk is an idiot , not a visionary, and only celebrated because he is a globalist. The Lefty puppetry wondered how many boa rd

s dies in Elon Musk's failed rocket ride over the skies in Boca Chica ,Texas as the explosion was seen and heard for miles and miles away  miles away  and ahhh errr  a and people could see for miles and miles and miles as that other song goes by I think the Who. Elon Musk has produced a ecological disaster over Texas and he and SpaceX should be held culpable

and not have tax payers clean up the mess of his debris all over the land. Eon Musk and SpaceX need to sped their own resources and money to clean up this space junk and equipment and this man should no longer get an investment for his SpaceX ventures asit is mostly spaceshit and just a attempt to give this billionaire more fake value and billions in funding for the 'science" and the researchers" to have a nice steady income shooting rockets into the sky and sometimes causing unnecessary explosions on land and in the end both accomplish the same.


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