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'She told me I was a prat for contacting Amy': Alex Reid says he regrets message to Katie Price's reality show winner behind Chantelle Houghton's back

By Alanah Eriksen

Alex Reid has revealed his pregnant fiancée Chantelle Houghton's angry reaction after he was caught messaging the winning model of ex Katie Price's reality show.

He says he regrets doing so, but insists he didn't actually know it was her when he replied.

Amy Willerton sent a private message to the cagefighter on Twitter last week, saying: 'Congrats to you and Chantelle and hopefully I will get to meet you one dayx', Alex said.

Naughty boy! Alex Reid has spoken out about messaging the winner of his ex Katie Price's reality show, and his pregnant fiancée Chantelle Houghton's angry reaction

He replied simply: 'Hope so x.'
The 36-year-old told New! magazine that it was the only contact they'd had with each other,

'I shouldn't have done it and I regret doing it, but I didn't realise it was Amy Willerton. I get about 20 private messages a day, and I go through them and respond to as many as I can.

'I thought it was harmless. Now I'm being portrayed as a cheat, which really upsets me and the gorgeous girl I'm committed to and love with all my heart.

'It's caused nothing but misery and stress for my pregnant fiancée. I should have been more savvy.'

Alex said he followed Amy, 19, on the social networking site because he was 'intrigued' when she fell out with Katie over a modelling contract.

Hanging his head in shame: Alex says he regrets messaging Amy Willerton, but insists he didn't know it was her

Amy had appeared on the glamour model's Signed By Katie Price show.

Alex said he got a call from his manager asking whether he'd contact Amy, and another soon after from Chantelle.

He stayed at his mother's home that night, but said he had planned to stay there anyway.

'I wasn't very pleasant for a while. I wouldn't say [Chantelle] was devastated. But upset? Of course. It's not nice, as you can imagine. She's the victim and I'm the evil one. You've got that feeling of being ridiculed and it's not nice, knowing what everyone's saying about you. I feel wrongly accused of being a dirtbag.

'She told me I was a prat for contacting (Amy). And she's got a point.

The cause of the problem: Katie with Amy, who has since been dropped from Katie's management after a row over her modelling contract

'I have nothing to hide. she has access to my iPhone. She was with friends and I couldn't get hold of her for a while... she was p***** off. I was avoiding going home for a while because she was pissed off.

'We didn't talk for a few hours. Then I started poking my tongue out and grabbing her bum to make her laugh. We went to bed kissing an cuddling.'

Alex said he was committed to the former Celebrity Big Brother star and had no feelings for Katie anymore. But revealed a bizarre game he played with Chantelle recently to prove his feelings.

Out and about: Amy was last night seen at the launch of OK! Nigeria magazine

Moving on: Amy won the Miss London competition on Saturday and will represent the city at the Miss England pageant in June

'As an experiment - and this did upset her a bit - when we went shopping I was looking around at all the pretty girls to see if I found any of them attractive. I think they're pretty, but I'm just not interested whatsoever.. It's weird.

'When I look at Katie, I can't see what i ever saw in her. There's not real jealousy there. Not that I can see anyway.'

Meanwhile, Chantelle has said she felt sick when she found out about the messages.

The 28-year-old told The People: 'Initially I asked him if it was true. He said no because he said he didn't realise it was her.

'Then he went through his iPad and was like, oh yeah, but he didn't know it was her. I have to accept that.

'Alex has now convinced me he is telling the truth. But he has lost some of my trust.'

She said she wanted to put the incident behind her.

'Yes, he has been stupid but he is the father of my child and we have got something amazing happening in the next few months.

'Our priority is the baby and not us two arguing any more.

'We're looking to the future - we have got some really amazing stuff to look forward to.'


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