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Tom Holland in new GQ photoshoot makes fan believe Spider-Man actopr embodies many pop culture personas

Tom Holland, who is recognised  for his role as Peter Parker aka the masked vigilante Spider-Man, recently posed for GQ Style. It was recently reported that the character has exited the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) owing to a rift between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, Holland has said that he will continue playing Spider-Man.

The GQ photoshoot had the actor in sharp silhouettes in neutral colours. One fan was of the view that with these looks, the actor could belong to the world of Harry Potter. The Twitter user created an alternate character, and a storyline.

Here are the tweets 

He could be Cedric Diggory's (played by Robert Pattinson in films) brother, who is a bit of a rebel.

He joins the bad guys, practices the Dark Arts, after he is infected by Venom.

In one black and white photograph, it looks like he is plotting how to avenge Cedric's murder, and seduce Cho Chang (Katie Leung).


After moving to Paris, he makes it a mission to save people from petty criminals. But in order to live up to his brother's legacy, he moves to the US, and finds the Avengers. Tony Stark takes him under his wing, and trains him to be the superhero he is now.

Rachel Leishman of Mary Sue was of the opinion that the actor reminded her of a young Hugh Grant from his most iconic films like Music & Lyrics, Paddington 2, and Bridget Jones Diary among others. She even suggested Holland should star in romantic comedies. Check out her tweets



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