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A couple of things

News of two favorite actresses:

  • Michelle Williams is interested in joining Noah Baumbach's The Emperor's Club, an adaptation of a novel of pre-9/11 New York. The rest of the cast is impressive (Knightley, Gere, Bana) but financing and another Baumbach project make things uncertain. Williams (who I'm sure will win an Oscar one day) has some intriguing projects on the horizon, including another film with Wendy & Lucy director Kelly Reichardt. (The Wrap)

  • Carey Mulligan, soon to be seen in the new Wall Street film, talks up a two year old indie called The Greatest and has a few words about how she chooses roles. (Cinematical)

    I think the things I'm reading are really wildly different, but I just haven't found the right thing yet. I've just read brilliant scripts that I just feel I've done already or I've visited that ground in some way or I feel like I don't want to go back to that age. After being in Wall Street, which was a big, big film, I wouldn't mind doing a small, small film or a play. But I just don't know what it is, but so few dramas are getting made, and I'm more comfortable in drama than I am in comedy, and I think comedies, mainly they're just big films, so I just want someone who goes through something and comes out the other side of it learning something. I just think too many female characters are just an accessory, and there aren't enough kind of really – I mean, there are, there are brilliant scripts, they're just not getting made. There's no financing, and I hope that changes.

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