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'You're 30 next year! Ha ha': Simon Cowell's cheeky birthday message to Cheryl... 10,000 feet high!

By Andrea Magrath

He's certainly one for grand gestures, and following Cheryl Cole's cheeky and very public dig about his age on his last birthday, Simon Cowell was determined to one-up her.

The X Factor mogul enlisted a sky writer to scrawl an equally ridiculing message to Cheryl in the sky above her Las Vegas hotel this week.

He remind Cheryl that her next birthday will be a very significant milestone, writing: 'Cheryl - Congratulations. You're 30 next year! Ha ha ha'.

Joke's on you! Simon Cowell got his revenge on Cheryl Cole by hiring a sky writer to scrawl a birthday message over her hotel in Las Vegas, following her cheeky message to him last year

The message was created 10,000 feet high above the Encore hotel, and visible from everywhere within a 15-mile radius.

Last year, Cheryl hired a pilot to circle Cowell's Beverly Hills home with a banner reading 'Simon Cowell is 52 today! Ha ha ha! Love Cheryl'.

Cole spent the weekend in Las Vegas with friends including Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh and will.i.am.

Growing up: Simon had the message 'Cheryl - Congratulations. You're 30 next year! Ha ha ha' written in the sky above the Encore hotel

The group partied up a storm at XS nightclub, where will was DJing.

Cheryl tweeted that she was wrecked after her hedonistic few days in Sin City. She wrote: '#DearVegas you win !! I officially bow down .. It wasn't a knock out i just took a graceful seat ! I came I saw YOU conquered #isaluteyou.'

She will have to dust herself off after the weekend of partying, as it has emerged today that Cheryl is set to join the cast of Glee.

'I salute you Vegas': Cheryl tweeted that she was exhausted after her weekend in Sin City

Cheryl made a cameo in the film What To Expect When You're Expecting, which starred Glee actor Matthew Morrison.

Jane Lynch, who plays cheerleading coach and the Glee Club's nemesis Sue Sylvester confirmed the news this week, revealing that the singer is in talks to take on a recurring role, but that a cameo is definitely in the works regardless of whether she stays on for longer.

'There's been talk on set of Cheryl appearing for a year or so, but it's set to happen now,' Lynch told the Daily Star. 'Matthew Morrison has spoken very highly of her and the younger guys on set are keen to have her on, for obvious reasons.

Shout out for Cheryl: She partied at XS nightclub where friend will.i.am was DJing

Down in one: Cheryl , Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh drank shots of Patron tequila to toast her 29th birthday

'Matthew's chatted to her and she seems keen. Cheryl's the perfect Glee fit, she can sing, she can dance and she looks good. It would be cool if she played herself.'

Jane added: 'She might be used to getting treated like a princess but Sue Sylvester doesn't make exceptions for anybody.

'If Cheryl starts acting like a diva, she'll see that Sue is meaner than Simon Cowell.'


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