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February Favourites

Clio waterproof brush eyeliner, Mac Satin Taupe eyeshadow over Essence 2 in 1 Eye Shadow & Liner 06 she's got the mauve. Sephora Lip Stain in Marvelous Mauve in all pictures.

While I won't say this is my favourite concealer, it's certainly one of the best, if not the best budget concealer that I can just run to get to the nearest drugstore in Slovenia when I want high coverage. It similar to Collection Lasting Finish and Nars Radiant concealer, though not quite as good as it covers a bit less, but it looks good under the eyes because it's not as matte and it's lighter, so I've been using it every day this month. For spots it's kind of too sheer, nor does it completely cover my freckles, but as I said, I'll keep this one for under the eyes and areas of redness on my nose. The colour is actually light enough for me (shade 005), so that's a big plus too. 

Pinks shade 4 // Ambers shade 4. Nails: The Face Shop Disney Nail Polish Cinderella.

These impressed me so much. I never expect much from blush palettes because they don't tend have the same quality as individual blushes, but these are so good. Granted the mattes are on the dry side and there is one shimmery shade in Ambers that swatches very sheer, but a majority of blushes are so creamy, some even feel like very quality eyeshadows and absolutely every shade works well on the cheeks. The Pinks has a selection of cool toned and warms shades, my favourite is that last peachy-pink, while Ambers has only warm toned shimmery shades and it's the fourth blush that I wore the most this month because it has a glowy finish. But the best thing of this palette is the staying power. Not a lot of blushes manage to hold on on my cheeks for more than a few hours, but these are mostly still there very late in the day.

L'Oreal Ambers blush palette shade 4 on both pictures. Necklace from @nakitekti

Sephora's lip creams are some of the earliest that got hype status and though they don't beat theBalm's for me, they are certainly one of the more comfortable ones out there, but still with a proper matte finish. Both shades I got are such winners for me, especially 13 Marvelous Mauve is such a great every day shade. It's a medium pinky-mauve that is the best mix of both tones so that it doesn't look too cool, nor too brown on me. Strawberry Kissed is a more summery lip colour option and so far a unique shade in my collection, but it's a similar warm pinky red as Frambourjoise from Bourjois.

It took some time for me to actually get this fragrance despite dreaming about this for about a year after I feel in love with it at first sniff. It's a typical L'Occitane scent and I don't mean like their forgettable cherry fragrances, but I mean in a sense that it's got that French Provençal vibe. It's a rich sweet floral with uplifting citrus notes and there no vanilla or amber that would turn it into another generic smelling juice, instead you get a nice woodsy base. From my fragrances the closest I have is Hugo Boss Ma Vie, but that one has a more almost tropical vibe and softer floral notes. It was just discontinued, but you might find some leftover bottles (none in Slovenia as far as I know).

This one just made me happy. When I was in secondary school, I wore L'Occitane Vanilla fragrance, which was discontinued just when I loved it most and I missed on the last bottles, so I've been without it for many years. I was so delighted when I discovered this has the same scent. I know Sanja hates it because it's too sharply floral, but I love the mix of a more sophisticated vanilla with what I believe are orchids (that was the note in that old fragrance). I also adore the formula. It's the same as the original shea version, so thick, very nourishing, but at the same time it absorbs really fast. These are just the best hand creams ever.

Have a great day!

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