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February Favourites

I just wrote about this shade in my latest review, where I also said that it has been on my lips pretty much the entire month, partly because I find it a great lip balm alternative, so it's no surprise it is among my favourites. On my lips it's a natural-pinky my-lip-but-better-shade with a nice glossy finish that makes the lips look more plump. The comfortable, creamy formula and the divine peachy scent just make these glosses a winner in my book.

I think this is one of the best eyeshadows for those days when you just can't be bothered with lots of blending or you're pressed for time. It is one of the best natural shades that isn't too smoky, but still has an impact, so it's great for so many occasions. It can be worn on its own, but I mostly like to use it as a base to give the eyeshadow on the top a warm, bronzy hue, more intensity and extra staying power. I really appreciate how easy and quick it is to apply and I always use fingers both for application and blending.

This is another one of those easy-to-wear-and-apply shades like On and on Bronze, but it's cool toned and in the same colour family as Satin Taupe. I love this range of eyeshadows, which have an unique texture that is hybrid between a cream eyeshadow and a pressed pigment, so they are very pigmented and have an almost metallic finish. I like to wear this shade over On and on Bronze for a quick and simple look. I'm wearing this combo here.  

This was on my wishlist for several years and now that I finally have it, it's no surprise it's the foundation I wore most this month. The shade is the main reason for this foundation being on my face so often, since Siberia matches my super pale skin very well at the moment, though admittedly it's very yellow, but what's more important is how light it is. I love how like Bourjois' foundations it doesn't settle into my pores and it blends so well, but it offers a far greater level of coverage and I'm relishing that. It's not an "invisible" skin-like foundation that I love and wear on most days, but it still looks really nice on the skin (it is a high end foundation, after all), like the skin is perfected and very even toned due to the coverage. The finish reminds me of Catrice's Nude Illusion in a sense that it gives that luminous matte finish. 

I so wish Maybelline had a another lighter shade of these Eraser concealers, but I still use it nonetheless as it blends in decently with my skin tone. I love this concealer, I have for so many years, and I know it's one of those formulas that a lot of people find unimpressive primarily because the coverage is about medium, but I find it covers well enough for me (I like my base looking natural and fresh). I adore the thin and light formula of this because it blends in so seamlessly, making it look as if you're not even wearing anything and I actually like the sponge application because it's so practical. 

Sometimes it's just time for a nice classic red and this Essie's shade is the best one I have. I always get compliments when I wear this, since for some reason people really like me with red nails, actually a lot more than with any other colour. The formula is brilliant, as is the brush and also the staying power. 

There is just something about the scent of this that just appeals to me so much. I've always been a fan of the classic Dove "clean" scent, but this a version of it that is for those who like things a bit more sweet, but in a more sophisticated way. It doesn't smell anything like described - coconut milk or jasmine petals, so it's hard to describe the scent in any other way than it's clean, but comfortingly and even a bit elegantly sweet. The formula is, of course, fantastic, there is a reason this line of shower gels is so beloved in my household and it's great for those with dry skin.

This was a month of Pink Sugar for me and there was scarcely a day that I hadn't sprayed this at least once. I think it's one of those love it or hate it fragrances because it's so intense and űber sugary. The initial candy floss/pure sugar burst is very strong, almost burning the nostrils with its potentness, but it's the soft vanilla that keeps it from being too overboard sweet to me. Some might see it as the ultimate girly fragrance (the type that conjures associations of unicorns and rainbows), but I think it's a bit more grown up than Fantasy as there is very little to none of fruitiness in it. I love it with each day more, even though just a year ago I found it impossibly boring - oh, how times change.

eBay Bargain Hair Accessories
If you read my birthday wishlist post, you may recall that I talked about several pieces of hair accessories I planned on ordering from various eBay sellers. Well they arrived and though it wasn't smooth sailing (as usual to be honest), I am very happy with all of the pieces. I didn't include cat ears headband with crystals in that post, but it's my favourite thing I got. It arrived broken, but I fixed and a few crystals fell out, which I again fixed (I'm really selling it here, eh?), however, it just looks so pretty and cool when worn. The other items I got were the gold leaves headband, gold leaves hair pins and the cutest bee hair pins (there were supposed to be two, but as I said there were complications with packages. Sadly my wallet phone case got lost, but I managed to get a refund). All were of far better quality than I expected for the price and so darn cute. 

I just want to quickly thank you for your overwhelming response to my Snow White look. It's fast become one of the most read new posts, so thank you for you heart warming comments - they really meant a lot to me.

Have a great day!

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