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  • kysrek
    06-14 03:40 PM
    It was applied to Nebraska. But I guess it was forwarded.

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  • but the penguins playing

  • javadeveloper
    07-20 02:15 PM
    looivy, Please have a conversation and don't turn this into a pissing contest.

    What the other post said is very true. We have 45000 members in this board, a significant majority of them are EB3. Even if 50% of the members 22000 (as an example ) contributed 25$ each, IV would have more than half a million bucks. With this money EB backlog plight could easily come out in mainstream media. Just because you, as a person, contributed does not mean all of EB people are contributing. Realizing our problem is the first step in solving it. Problem is people are not willing to contribute to IV, either their money or time, but want issues solved. Doesn't work that way..

    Again the original poster is correct in his statement.

    my .02$

    Correct me If I am wrong

    out of 45K members let's assume 22.5 K are EB2 and 22.5 K are EB3.

    Even If 11.25K (EB2)+11.25K (EB3) = 22.5 K (Total) contributes $25 Each Problems gets solved ... but the catch is ....

    Even 11.25 K EB2 members are not contributing because they don't have to as their problem is solved

    Even 11.25 K EB3 members are not contributing because they are not sure even with this contribution their problems gets solved.

    Many people are saying that EB3 members are not contributing that's why you are lagging etc...

    EB3 Members who contributed are feeling the pain because even after contribution they are not getting the results and EB2 members who didn't contributed are getting the results...

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  • the Penguins, playing for

  • delhiguy79
    07-25 02:56 PM
    but if we take rental, dont they ask why u brought rental?

    I took my car.Once you get landed immigrant status in canada, everything needs to be transferred with you. They asked me either transfer my car or take it back to USA right away.As I have my family with me, So I argued for a while but no success. So i went to the customs and let them fill up the paper work to get the car transferred.Also they dont let your personal car to list in the things to follow paperwork, if you are driving the same car.I came back to USA after two weeks. But the transfer procedure still require you to get clearance from the USA for which you have to give the 72 hour notice to some agency and then take the car.Also you need Manufacturing clearance recall letter(which can be done both in USA & Canada).
    I did not pay canadian customs a fee which is 209 + tax, as I want to bring the car back to usa. You have 45 days to get all this things done , other wise You have to export the car back to USA. They told me to send the payment or they will send a reminder notice after 10 days, which to date i have not received yet.You have to buy insurance and change the odometer into Km and also headlights should remain on when you start your car. I dont know what gonna happen, but I will sell the car if I have to, and send them the sale receipt.By the way i entered from detriot, and everything went smoothly.

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  • doshhar
    07-07 02:38 PM
    I have initiated the similar discussions on Murthy. Please take a look this thread and reply to that thread.


    We should do something and this is the right way to show our unity.

    We can also gather students from different universities (as they will going to suffer the same pain as us).


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  • ndbhatt
    11-17 04:04 PM
    Done. Also, sent message to my 10 friends. Hope for a viral effect.

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  • penguins playing around!

  • maverick_joe
    05-02 10:49 AM
    :D shhhhhhhh, ppl who got into IV after Apr 2007..please dont express your views...

    Who did not even know about IV till Apr 2007 are talking here.


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  • indigokiwi
    02-25 03:58 PM
    Contributed another $50 (Transaction ID: 71P262761L0967946)

    Tony, what is the deadline for raising the money?

    2010 the Penguins, playing for Pictures Of Penguins Playing. Penguins playing football
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  • kg318
    04-20 10:00 PM
    hi guyz,

    Here u go. The company name is 3i Infotech Inc. based in NJ.


    Pictures Of Penguins Playing. Penguins Playing. Across the region, behind closed doors, an invasion was
  • Penguins Playing. Across the region, behind closed doors, an invasion was

  • desi3933
    09-03 01:52 PM
    I did try to talk to customer care but it was of no help.
    They tell me to wait for 30 days and sometime 60-90days.
    They say you will become actual permanent resident when you get the card The card is important.
    You now USCIS don�t know when they will change their minds.

    To better be on safe side to get it stamped on my passport. I took info pass on 8-11-08 it will be almost 30 days,

    let�s wait and see

    approved on 8-12-08
    NoWelcome notice Or Card

    >> They say you will become actual permanent resident when you get the card
    Incorrect. One is permanent resident since the date of I-485 approval. Card is just a physical evidence indicating your status.

    **** Not a legal advise. *****

    Proud Indian-American and Legal Immigrant

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  • Macaca
    07-09 12:21 PM
    We need to define immediately available.

    Now lets see how the above LAW (including immediately available) was followed in the following cases (which may not be a complete list).

    Oct 1 2005 & Oct 1 2006 when .27 = 140K = 37,800 GCs were available but ALL AOSs were not acceptable.
    May 14 (??) when 60K GCs were available but many more AOSs were acceptable and were accepted from June 1-30.
    June 12 when < 40K GCs were available but ALL AOSs were acceptable.
    July 2 when 0 GCs were available and ANY AOS was not acceptable.
    Months in 2005, 2006 and 2007 when ALL AOSs were not acceptable.
    Months in 2005 and 2006 when ANY AOS was not acceptable.
    10K+ GCs were returned in 2006 but soma (??) categories were not available.


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  • gsc999
    07-06 08:27 PM
    As soon as we have confirmation of date and time and location/route, I will send out newsletters to all CA, NV, AZ and OR members who wish to participate. This is going to be good.

    Sure, I will join the tomorrows march organized by fightnow. Since it is short notice for many IV members there may not be many of us there, but please feel free to join if you can. There are lot of IV members in San Jose.

    Tomorrow's event will help me to finalize the location/route. I will report back tomorrow evening with updates regarding that.

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  • jk333
    07-07 11:08 AM
    Am in the bay area..
    Just reading this thread, so not sure if I can attend today.
    Will surely attend the rally with my wife on July14th.

    Just a thought..Why not request all our GC/citizen friends to also attend?

    I will persuade all my friends to attend.
    If not anything, they can see it as a nice stroll in the downtown.



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  • of penguins playing a

  • nixstor
    07-07 10:16 PM
    I think we should have a poll for DC rally and it should be on IV home page so that every visitor know about it and poll.

    There are a lot of people in DC like me. The permissions depend on which part of DC we want to rally.

    Do we want to rally around the capitol meet congressmen and senators in the immigration sub committee?

    Do we want to go to offices of USCIS and DOS and request to consider the first VB?

    As some one has said, there has to be a poll on the home page and if we have to tip off media ahead.

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  • Edison99
    02-01 02:10 PM
    asdcrajnet, very sorry to hear but good luck with your new efforts and live peacefully!!!

    Finally we have decided to go back to India for good. I filed my EB3 in May 2003. Its going to be another 4 years to get the green card. When I went to India for vacation last December, we liked it over there & the economy is booming. There are all sorts of discussion regarding the Economic Gap/Politics/Corruption/Cleanliness. But we like it over there. Finally I will have an option to do something interesting. In US I was very much dependent on my monthly pay check and afraid to take even the slightest risk. I am also scared to use the AC21(Hey, thats the way I am). I am working with the same company for last 10 years, kinda stagnant in the last 4 years. In India, there are lots of choices, either to work for a sw company or start some business on my own. I think I will take the business route.

    May be I can go there, earn well, send my son to US for college, do green card through him & come retire in US!!!

    Good Luck to everybody!!


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  • jelo
    02-09 02:54 PM
    Transaction ID #34211805W72220746

    dresses to the Penguins playing Pictures Of Penguins Playing. (Pity the penguins playing is
  • (Pity the penguins playing is

  • cjagtap
    07-07 02:31 PM
    Great Job you guys! After all the Congressperson Zoe Lofgren is the Chairperson on the House Judiciary Subcommittee for Immigration, also happens to be from San Jose / Silicon Valley.


    makeup Penguins Playing. Across the region, behind closed doors, an invasion was Pictures Of Penguins Playing. penguins playing together.
  • penguins playing together.

  • eb3_nepa
    05-02 11:33 AM
    Ragz thanks for removing the unnecessary quotes :)

    girlfriend of little penguins playing Pictures Of Penguins Playing. Penguins Playing
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  • Ushakiran
    05-10 06:25 PM
    Did I say Nigerians should stand behind ALL of Chinese and Indians??? Can you read English? What I am saying is all should stand in line purely based on priority date, no matter whether he is Chinese, Indian, Japanese, or Nigerian. Yes, we were aware of the quota. yes, the quota has been there for a while. are you aware of robbery in this country? does that mean robbery is good? does that mean we should not do anything about that?

    You got to be kidding. Why not rename the "World" as "India" . Typical disdain. The quota was IN the system before anyone got here by H1B, so your argument is fallacious. We were all aware of the quota when we got here.

    There are highly skilled programmers from Nigeria also, just not in the same numbers. So you want them to stand behind all of China and India ?

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  • cjain
    11-01 05:20 PM
    Gurus, experts, malik log...

    Pls. illuminate us on this topic...

    07-11 12:17 PM
    If you participated in the flower campaign and if you are in the Broward county area in Florida - please contact Ruth Morris of the Sun Sentinel (http://www.sun-sentinel.com/) asap.

    She needs to file a story on this today. Her contact numbers are

    08-25 10:00 PM
    Not sure if its a BREAK or no Visa numbers...

    On a serious note, there have been 4 cases approved today(from other site - 2 cases from India and 2 from ROW). So looks like there are some ROW applications also in queue during this time of the year getting approved. I saw someone from EB2-ROW getting 485 approved (filed 140/485 concurrently) in a record time of just 30 calendar days(Filed on July 26th and approved Aug 25th). Never heard USCIS was so efficient.
    Looking at the positive side, since they are still approving ROW cases, it may mean that spillover is still happening and there are visas available.

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