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WGA's 101 Greatest Screenplays

OK, here's the link (I don't know how to write those fancy link things, but here it is: http://www.wga.org/subpage_newsevents.aspx?id=1807

My comments:

Best Item: You have to love a list that recognizes the brilliance of Annie Hall, Casablanca, both the Godfathers, and Citizen Kane in its Top Ten-all must see films.

Other great items: I love the scripts of Lawrence of Arabia, Taxi Driver, and Back to the Future, which don't usually get recognized for their writing properties.

Isn't it a little premature?: Eternal Sunshine beats out Double Indemnity and The Philadelphia Story (which at 40, is a travesty-top fifteen, at least)? And Sideways topping Psycho? A big huh on that one. For the record, though, I love all five of these movies.

What the hell are they doing on a list like this?: Jerry Maguire, Rocky, The Princess Bride, and Patton? I mean, aside from "You had me at hello" and that opening speech in front of the flag, none of these has clever wordplay (though they do have blockbuster screenwriters).

Where on earth is: Lost in Translation (they go with the modern films, and leave out this marvel?), Bringing Up Baby, The Hours, Vertigo, and A Streetcar Named Desire? I mean, the comedy bias could play with Baby, and The Hours and Lost are new, but no Streetcar or Vertigo-they'd both me in my Top 25.

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