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Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde!


Exciting Kardashian news today as the most famous of them all finally unveiled, properly at least, her new dark golden blonde ‘do. Twitter went into a flutter over the weekend as Kim showed a very small sneak peak with a hinting tweet, but here’s the first proper show of her latest bombshell look. Keeping it on the darker side of flaxen helps her to pair the hue with her ravishing dark eyes, without too much stark contrast. The variation in tone gives her ripples of shimmering color all over. Kim’s power and influence means this will be a hot shade for fall…

Step: Talk to your colourist about transitioning to dark blonde.“High lift blondes’ are a salon service that enables most to go 4-5 levels lighter, without bleaching. Bleaching is one of the most damaging things for hair, so exploring other options will help you keep color-treated locks as lustrous as Kim’s.
Step: Use KMS Color Vitality Blonde Shampoo and conditioner to preserve shine and tone.
Step: Use KEVIN.MURPHY BORN.AGAIN Treatment masque as a weekly, health-giving treatment conditioner. Packed with mango and shea butter, it puts back what hair loses in chemical services.
Step: Style with KMS Dry touch up, it means you can go longer between ‘wet’ shampooing. Like dry cleaning your red silk dress, this extends the life of color, instead of rinsing it away and add volume to your look with KEVIN MURPHY POWDER.PUFF.

Style tips Mary Luangkhoth from Lattouf Hair & Day Spa


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